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We are specialists in higher education service operations. We tackle complicated strategic and operational issues for higher education institutions.

Student engagement and retention

A quality student experience creates meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging and a unique learning experience. Our consultants can support you with student services, engagement and retention, and learning analytics. 

Process re-engineering and automation 

Process efficiency is a key focus for higher education leaders across many functions with a high level of transactional effort, from student administration to HR & Finance. Our consultants can help you redesign and automate key processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Research productivity and performance  

Research leaders are increasingly looking to streamline key processes and free up academic effort to focus less on administration and more on direct research. Our consultants are expert in research services optimisation, research productivity and process efficiency, and can support you to drive a holistic performance improvement agenda. 

Capital planning and precincts strategy 

Strategic capital management is a key focus for universities as they seek to make best use of limited capital investment. Our consultants and data scientists can help you to develop robust, compelling business cases for new capital development, and build predictive models to help drive improved space utilisation and capital efficiency. 

University financial performance 

University finance teams are shifting their focus away from transactional activities, to more value-added activities that position them as trusted advisers to drive overall performance outcomes. Our consultants support you in bringing together financial data and deep sector insights, to craft a compelling narrative of where performance can be improved. 

What Our Clients Say

Simone Sunderland - Testimonial.jpg

Simone Sunderland,

Transformation Program Manager, Deakin University 

"Thanks for working alongside myself and the Deakin team over the past year or so, I’ve appreciated your knowledge of the sector and your approach to getting things done."

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