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How AptoNow turns university data silos into data ecosystems

Insights from institutional data have become essential for universities looking to improve operations and drive innovation. However, universities in Australia face several challenges when it comes to effectively leveraging and controlling their data flows and stores. These include (1) data silos, (2) data quality, (3) limited resources, and (4) privacy and security.

At AptoNow, we help universities overcome these challenges because any investment in our products and services is an investment in clearer data governance, quality, and security. We help universities leverage technologies and tools that automate data workflows, and we provide careful systems implementation and training to staff. By doing so, we aim to facilitate a step change in our clients' management and use of data, and to remove operational bottlenecks that impede educational delivery and innovation.

Data Silos: A data silo is often characterised by (A) a lack of integration to other data sources and (B) limited access to insight, often controlled by an expert "gatekeeper". While lack of integration is often a technical problem requiring a technical solution, limited access can be more political. At AptoNow we strive to transform data silos into data ecosystems. We excel at helping our customers navigate both the technical and political landscapes of their data strategies and architectures. There is often good reason to entrust sensitive or complex data to an expert custodian, but we help our customers elevate, integrate and systemetise insight across once disparate data sources.

Data Quality: Even when data silos become more integrated, universities still often collect and manage data through different departments and systems, leading to inconsistencies and errors. The combination of new platforms and legacy systems, as well as power users and newbies, further adds to inconsistent data structures, collection and entry. The errors this can cause and the amount of rework required fix them can cost large institutions millions of dollars per year. The AptoNow team strive to help universities automate data collection and validation wherever possible, and reduce duplication of effort in data entry, where errors are most likely to occur.

Limited Resources: According to a recent report by Deloitte, over half of universities in Australia are facing significant budget constraints, which can make the decision to invest in data infrastructure more difficult. At AptoNow, we deliver solutions designed to help current employees deliver more value more efficiently. We understand the constraints that universities face and are constantly developing state-of-the-art solutions and AI to ensure significant ROI for any university's technology investment.

Privacy and Security: AptoNow's clients handle sensitive data such as personal information about students and staff, which must be protected in compliance with regulations, such as the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). This broader regulatory environment, as well as individual institutional policies are requirements that we take very seriously. We are acutely aware of the risks that inadequate cyber-security can pose to universities and their service providers. Regulations around data privacy and security can impose additional, yet necessary, constraints on the use of institutional data, but all are products are designed to operate within this context, and we take pride in delivering our solutions with the assurance of information security.

AptoNow stands as a beacon of support for universities that are grappling with data-related challenges. Through our comprehensive solutions, we empower institutions to transcend the barriers of data silos, enhance data quality, navigate resource constraints, and fortify privacy and security measures. We invite universities to collaborate with us on their journey towards clearer data governance, improved quality, and fortified security. Contact us today to explore how AptoNow can tailor solutions to meet your institution's unique needs and propel you towards success.

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