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Timetabling needs to change.

Leverage AptoNow's AI solution to help you transform timetabling forever. 

We exist to empower the future of higher education.


Tom O'Connor
Co-founder, AptoNow


Dr. Ken Moore
Co-founder, AptoNow

With over a decade of experience in higher education operations, we have witnessed first-hand the persistent challenges of academic scheduling. Existing systems are excessively complex, are not adaptive or agile, and lack smarts. 

We believe that students, educators, and professional staff deserve a much better timetabling experience. So we built it, and we can't wait to explore with you how our solution can help you change timetabling forever. 


Built with strategic outcomes in mind.

Enhance student experience

Deliver student-centred timetables that are released earlier, and are more compact and flexible. 

Empower timetablers

Leverage intuitive templates to simplify data collection. Use our AI co-pilot to quickly find the best solutions for complex problems.

Optimise space and resources

Gain visibility into campus-wide space utilisation, and use innovative tools to optimise space use.  

Key Features

Trusted Partner

"Everything Tom and his team did for and at Monash, was of the highest quality and standard, and highly valued. His operating style in particular was outstanding."

Peter Marshall,

Chief Operations Officer, Monash University

Peter Marshall - Testimonial.jpg
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